Sotheby’s Gets Banksy’ed at Contemporary Art Auction in London: You just got Banksy’ed!!
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Jensen Karp on Twitter

Jensen Karp on Twitter: Good one!
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TeacherGaming desk & games

TeacherGaming desk & games: Getting some “mad props” from Finland. Thanks for the shout-out!…
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BRUNO MARS (Age 4) – LIVE IN HAWAII – “Elvis Medley” w/Mom, Dad & The Love Notes (BHYE CC Lbry):…
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Bruno Mars aged 4: World’s Youngest Elvis Impersonator (FULL INTERVIEW): Bruno Mars has been full of…
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Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration: “The bigger concern is not…
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New Meow Wolf ride coming to Elitch Gardens in 2019: Ooh, looks interesting!
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